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Hula Girl

Hula Girl

Hula girl is helping with our next book. For those of you who don’t know. Hula girl took a trip across country with Gary and I; ending up in Joshua Tree California. She became a hit and people wanted to see more of Hula Girl’s adventures. So her exploits will become a recurring theme. I will also post some of her past travels so you can get an idea of just how cool she is.

Below is an example.

She enjoyed California but didn’t much care for the gas prices.

Yes I can…

Yes I can…

Smell it, hear it and feel it….good times.

And now you know.

There is sooooo much I like going on in this picture.

And you wonder why the prices of housing is going up. Have you seen how much a sheet of plywood costs?

Challenge accepted…. Damn, Cheryl said no.

Drinking and ankle monitors

Drinking and ankle monitors

The carpet was always an interesting color the next day.

Right? I have to climb a flight of stairs to get the next bottle. Reward yourself.

This list is long and distinguished.

Move along – nothing to see here.

Because I can

Because I can

Every day – it’s an excuse to not write.

This just makes me smile.

Or a Battle Ship…

Very Cool.

And bourbon, and wine and bacon and …

Thinking outside the box – I like it.

Friends for Thursday’s

Friends for Thursday’s

Or are you that person?

The voices seem to like my ideas….

A throw back post for Cheryl – and she pointed out that the guys would probably like it too.

Or right now.

Or for Thursdays…

Editors matter.

Don’t probe the bear.

Don’t probe the bear.

Who’s a good boy?!

Another cool shot. Dolphins love a good wake.

This – let’s all just take a step back from the ledge. Be someone’s muse.

Don’t poke the bear.

It’s what your mother always told you.

This happened to me once.

We’ve been trying to reach you…

We’ve been trying to reach you…

Sounds like an entrepreneurial opportunity to me.

My kind of management.

And a Nigerian Prince….

Very dystopian – but you still need a valid ticket.

Damn, it’s chrysanthemum street.

This is a very cool idea and shot.

The Fifth Draft

The Fifth Draft

This is Paul and I today. For us, it tends to go better later in the day. YMMV.

And commercials: My bologna has a first name…. you’re welcome.

This is how they were shipped from the factory. There have got to be some of these sitting around somewhere – I would love to get my hands on one. Of course, so would a lot of other people, who have way more money than I do.