Paul’s Dragon Con Schedule

Paul’s Dragon Con Schedule

So I’m going to be at Dragon Con this year. Here is my schedule for anyone who might be interested in panels on filmmaking.

Title: Wanna Work In The Movies? How Do You Get Started?
Description: Working industry professionals discuss how they got their start and how to get a job and, more importantly, grow your career in the film industry.
Panelists: Aron Siegel, Samantha Avila, Andy Brown, Marco Bossow, Jim Farmer(M), Paul Barrett, George Watson
Time: Fri 10:00 am
Location: Piedmont Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: Making A Living As An Indie Filmmaker
Description: Making films for a living is a dream for many, but can anyone really live like that? This panel will discuss the opportunities and possibilities of working as a professional full time independent Filmmaker.
Panelists: Melissa Simpson, Marco Bossow, Andy Brown, Aron Siegel(M), Dustin Fletcher, Paul Barrett, George Watson
Time: Sat 02:30 pm
Location: Piedmont Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: AI – What’s everyone so worried about?
Description: AI has become a part of life, especially in the film world. We’ll be discussing AI, the controversy surrounding it, and what has the WGA, SAG, DGA, and everyone else so concerned.
Panelists: Hunter Cressall, Roberts, Patrick(M), Jeff Ello, Bobby Blackwolf, Matt Green, Paul Barrett
Time: Sun 07:00 pm
Location: Piedmont Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: Your Movie–or, How to Get Your Script Produced
Description: Face it. Wouldn’t you love having your story translated from page to big screen? Yep. You can do it. Here in “Hollywood East” you have more chances than ever. Studies need scripts. It’s how they make money. Start sharing in those billions of dollars of income that the Georgia studios are raking in.
Panelists: Matt Green, Nancy Knight(M), John Hudgens, Paul Barrett, Christopher G Moore, Melissa Simpson
Time: Sun 10:00 pm
Location: Embassy EF Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

Title: The Pitfalls of the Overly Ambitious Filmmaker
Description: Are you all fired up to make your first film? Does it have explosions, giant robots, shots from space, actual Zombie Abe Lincoln? Maybe take it down a notch for the first time. We’ll be talking first-time filmmaker mistakes and what you need to consider.
Panelists: Roberts, Patrick(M), Smith, Matt, Matt Green, O’Neill, Allie, Paul Barrett, George Watson
Time: Mon 01:00 pm
Location: Piedmont Hyatt (Length: 1 Hour)

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