Our Work

Our Work

Two Men and A Typewriter write novels, specifically in the space opera and fantasy genres–although there may be some horror coming soon. We currently have six novels out, three by Paul Barrett alone and three by Paul and Steve Murphy. See the glory that is our oeuvre below:

Knight Ascendant

Book Two of The Knights of the Flaming Star

Even after saving the Universe, it’s impossible to get a day off.

Elite mercenary company The Knights of the Flaming Star barely have time to recover from their latest exploit before their newest crewmember is kidnapped by interdimensional beings and returns with terrifying information about an eminent invasion that will wipe out the means of galactic travel and doom a multitude of planets to slow death.

Their outlandish claims are met with skepticism and scorn, forcing the Knights to act alone against a threat from outside the known galaxy. It’s a race against time as they work to stop the alien devastation while also dealing with treachery and deceit among those they seek to protect. Things get even more complicated when their fate rests in the hands of an unassuming young girl.

The second book in the Knights of the Flaming Star series, Knight Ascendant continues the adventures of a rough and tumble but lovable crew and their hyperaware spaceship. Blending magic and science in a unique manner, the story is as metaphysical as it is action-packed.

Knight Errant

Book One of The Chronicles of the Knights of the Flaming Star

Some days your past just won’t stay buried, not even among the stars…

The Knights of the Flaming Star are an elite space mercenary company, one of the best in the business, no matter which star system you’re in. But when an old friend turned arch-nemesis lays a careful trap for them, their leader Hawk falls right into it.

Well, he never could resist a pretty face. Or a good fight. And now he’s got both.

The Knights go from one end of known space to the other hunting down the people who are trying to smear their good name, chase down the folks that want to kill them, and maybe. Just maybe, bury the ghosts of their past once and for all.

Knight Errant is the first book in the thrilling space opera series Knights of the Flaming Star from rising stars Steve Murphy and Paul Barrett. With a Firefly-style band of lovable misfits and Star Wars-level action, Knight Errant is a rollicking space adventure story for a new generation.

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Knight Errant Book Cover

The Malaise Falchion

Book One of the Spade Case Files

“There are a hundred thousand stories in Mage City. The best ones start with a woman. Or a fight. Mine starts with a fight about a woman.”

Thus begins the tale of legendary Dwarven Warrior turned disgraced drunken Dwarven Private Investigator Snazdaggin Kundarik (Spade to his friends, when he can find any). Once a proud warrior, Spade found disgrace during the Demon War and now spends his days searching for a desk to sleep on, a bottle of grog to drink, and a simple case to pay the rent.

But nothing is ever simple in Mage City, and when a gorgeous elf walks in with legs that go all the way down to the floor, Spade finds himself embroiled in a case that is much, much more than he bargained for. Intrigue, powerful magic, family drama, and a quest for a world-rending magical weapon are far outside Spade’s usual case work, but that’s right where he’s found himself now.

With a hangover the size of a red dragon, Spade and his faithful lizardperson sidekick Crizlyk will battle forces far above their weight class just to stay alive, all to answer one burning question –

Can he stay alive long enough to save the world, get paid, and buy another bottle of grog?

The Malaise Falchion is the first in the hilarious Spade Case Files, a gritty fantasy noir parody blend of Dungeons & Dragons with the classic pulp mysteries of Dashiell Hammett.

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The Malaise Falchion Book Cover

A Whisper of Death

Book One of The Necromancer Saga

The dead won’t stay buried, and they’re raising dark secrets with them…

Erick Darvaul just wanted to be left alone to grieve the loss of his parents, but when the citizens of the town showed up on his doorstep at night, he knew nothing would ever be the same. Long hated and feared by the townsfolk for their practice of Necromancy, the Darvaul family had always kept themselves apart from the people of Draymed. Until now. Now, there are vampires attacking the village, and only Erick can stop them. But will he?

A Whisper of Death is the first book of The Necromancer Saga, a new hero’s journey saga from Paul Barrett, co-author of Knight Errant. Follow young Erick as he builds a band of companions around himself to fight against a rising tide of darkness that threatens to engulf the land. But he must take care, for all too often the darkness comes from within himself, or those he trusts the most.

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Whisper of Death Cover

A Cry of Decay

Book Two of The Necromancer Saga

“You are the only Necromancer left.”Erick Darvaul has gone through fire, betrayal, and death to reach Broken Mountain. Now he intends to gather with other necromancers to once again destroy Eligos, the Master of Shadows that threatened the world a thousand years ago and had returned to threaten all life once more. But the others who practice his often maligned form of magic have either fallen or been seduced by the darkness of Eligos, and Erick is now on his own.

But all is not lost, and hope blooms from despair. On the ancient battleground at Broken Mountain, Erick learns from his distant ancestors that there is another who may be willing to aid him in his fight: a witch woman known as Alais, who lives in the distant swamps, alone and powerful.

Now Erick and his stalwart companions must begin another trek to strange places, dogged every step by enemies. For the power of Eligos is growing, and more are coming to his cause. And two former Necromancers, now in league with the dark one, have learned new, dreadful magic, a hellish power that they hope will ensure Eligos rises victorious while the world burns.

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Cry of Decay Cover