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Because I can

Because I can

Every day – it’s an excuse to not write.

This just makes me smile.

Or a Battle Ship…

Very Cool.

And bourbon, and wine and bacon and …

Thinking outside the box – I like it.

Don’t probe the bear.

Don’t probe the bear.

Who’s a good boy?!

Another cool shot. Dolphins love a good wake.

This – let’s all just take a step back from the ledge. Be someone’s muse.

Don’t poke the bear.

It’s what your mother always told you.

This happened to me once.

We’ve been trying to reach you…

We’ve been trying to reach you…

Sounds like an entrepreneurial opportunity to me.

My kind of management.

And a Nigerian Prince….

Very dystopian – but you still need a valid ticket.

Damn, it’s chrysanthemum street.

This is a very cool idea and shot.

Run Amok

Run Amok

Wow – can you imagine waking up drunk in that place? “Where am I….? Uh oh….”

I’m thinking T.C. needs at least partial credit for that answer.

Or eat bacon amok – or ….

Morning coffee and a little Twitter fun.

Morning coffee and a little Twitter fun.

First – your morning coffee. Get out there.
Shut up and Take My Money! If you knew Cheryl and I, you would understand.

Now on to a little Twitter fun. This next one is for Gary.

The next three are unrealistic tropes that happen in movies all of the time.