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My Gaming Week

My Gaming Week

So I started the New Year (and part of New Year’s Eve) the way I like to do things. By gaming. New Year’s Eve started with a few minis games with my buddy Josh. First up was Battlefleet Gothic. This is an old Games Workshop game set in the 40K universe and involves spaceship combat. Using the classic Warhammer d6 fighting system, the game lets commanders of a space fleet go at it, attempting to destroy each other.

I had an Eldar fleet (Eldar are Space Elves for the most part). Mine is the one at the bottom of the picture. Josh had a fleet of Chaos Marines. The scenario called for me to ambush him. I came out swinging, destroying much of his escort squadron and one of his big ships. Then the tide turned when his reinforcements arrived and he quickly obliterated me. Score one for the forces of chaos.

Next up was Super Fantasy Brawl, a game of arena combat between warriors from past civilizations brought together by magic to fight each other. The combat is three on three. The goal is to score five victory points by either defeating your opponents or achieving ever-changing objectives.

My team comprised of Akhet, Dugran, and Gold’arr, while Josh brought Gwaien, Nevamor, and Sulka.

Both groups came out fighting, casting spells and swinging blades. In the end, Josh took the day, beating two of my warriors and capturing three objectives.

New Year’s Day brought another day of gaming. Josh, Kirk, and I gathered to roll some dice and toss out some cards. First up was Space Gate Odyssey, a game of colonizing newly discovered planets by building a space station, gathering settlers, and sending them forth to conquer. You score points depending on the conditions for settling the planet. It was a close game, but Josh won the day, scoring 69 points to Kirk’s 63 and my 62.

Next came It’s A Wonderful World, a card drafting game of building a new future for your empire. Played over four rounds, you gather resources, pick projects to either build or recycle for more resources, and then construct, both scoring points and giving you more options for future rounds. A quick, fun game that I thought was going to be a bit dry at first, but which turned out to be pretty enjoyable. Josh won again (you may be sensing a theme here), scoring 49 to Kirk’s 47 and my 45. Another close won. (Unfortunately, I forgot to grab a picture.

Third up was Pan Am, which takes place in the days when Pan Am airlines was expanding rapidly and becoming a major player in the air travel industry. You play as rival airlines trying to expand your reach across the country, buying up routes in the hope that Pan Am will buy you out, and making enough money to buy the most Pan Am stock, which is your victory points. Another close game, with Josh and Kirk tying at 23 points, but Josh winning because he had the most money left. I scored 18. (I don’t win a lot of games, but I still enjoy them.

Last up for the day was The Expanse Board Game, based on the popular science fiction TV show (and book series). In this game, you play one of the factions from the universe, doing your best to expand and spread your influence through the solar system. Points are scored over six scoring phases, and the person with the most points is the winner. Kirk actually eked this one out, scoring 126 compared to 95 for Josh and 68 for me.

So that was my days of gaming. We don’t always play victory point games, but for some reason that’s what we ended up with this time. Hope you enjoyed this and please look for more to come.