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More non-covid humor

More non-covid humor

Paul started jogging – wrong kind of fat. I’m working on burning some potatoes and a little corn also.
Be better.
Wow – know your contractor. Cheaper isn’t always better.
Very clever.
Damn skippy, and by the way: Fatherhood – You’re doing it right.

Writing update: When it rains it pours. We got our script back for what I will optimistically call the final pass. Paul has been working furiously on the second book of the Spade Case Files, and our beta readers are getting back to us with the second book of The Knights of the Flaming Star.

This all comes at a time when I am covered up with my day job – owner of a company called: Click Pack Move inc. When I say covered up, I mean insanely busy for the next six weeks. All while three writing projects come due.

Shaking the tree boss – shaking the tree.