We’ve been trying to reach you…

We’ve been trying to reach you…

Sounds like an entrepreneurial opportunity to me.

My kind of management.

And a Nigerian Prince….

Very dystopian – but you still need a valid ticket.

Damn, it’s chrysanthemum street.

This is a very cool idea and shot.

The Fifth Draft

The Fifth Draft

This is Paul and I today. For us, it tends to go better later in the day. YMMV.

And commercials: My bologna has a first name…. you’re welcome.

This is how they were shipped from the factory. There have got to be some of these sitting around somewhere – I would love to get my hands on one. Of course, so would a lot of other people, who have way more money than I do.

Run Amok

Run Amok

Wow – can you imagine waking up drunk in that place? “Where am I….? Uh oh….”

I’m thinking T.C. needs at least partial credit for that answer.

Or eat bacon amok – or ….

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

I know it’s old but you only have to see it once a year.

Yes to all of the above. And while we’re at it – let’s make it permanent.

Motherhood is universal.

Speaking of motherhood….

And everybody gets the gist and can relate.

A very cool shot.

That’d be me – sigh….

That’d be me – sigh….

I seemed to identify with today’s memes more than normal – unfortunately.

I am that guy – as are most of my friends.

Bill Watterson was a genius.

I mean really – step up.


Every damn day.

Yes, yes I did.

Mixed Monday

Mixed Monday

For the golfers who know me.

Sometimes the lowest bidder doesn’t save you any money in the long run. We’ve had to “fix” several jobs for clients. Know your contractors and subs people.

This next one is for Gary. Benefits are benefits.

If I was a girl I would have used this a lot. Along with washing my hair in the blood of my enemies.