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We’ve been trying to reach you…

We’ve been trying to reach you…

Sounds like an entrepreneurial opportunity to me.

My kind of management.

And a Nigerian Prince….

Very dystopian – but you still need a valid ticket.

Damn, it’s chrysanthemum street.

This is a very cool idea and shot.

Spring Forward

Spring Forward

I know it’s old but you only have to see it once a year.

Yes to all of the above. And while we’re at it – let’s make it permanent.

Motherhood is universal.

Speaking of motherhood….

And everybody gets the gist and can relate.

A very cool shot.

I knew it

I knew it

I knew it … well maybe not. As Calvin said, “The surest sign there is intelligent life out there is the fact that they haven’t tried to contact us yet.”
Very cool. I would definitely visit there.
Most policies have someone’s name attached to them.