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Let’s put our current situation into perspective. We are living on a rock in space spinning one thousand miles per hour, traveling at 67 thousand miles per hour around the sun, spinning 450 thousand miles per hour around the center of the Milky Way while the universe is expanding at 151 thousand miles per hour. For those of us with an over inflated sense of worth and self importance.

Way more than I used to.
With a 37 year old mind – unless I need to remember why I came into this room – or what I had for breakfast – or … damn.
Science … Fiction.

Science … Fiction.

We were supposed to have flying cars by now. I’m disappointed.
For our southern readers.
For Cheryl and Karen – and all of the other wino’s out there.
Can you say short people anymore? Don’t judge…
I sanction this post.

Personal update for our readers: The second book for the Knights of the Flaming Star is in the hands of our editor. The working title is Knight Ascending, we’ll see of it sticks. I’ll keep you updated on the timeline and process.