Two Men and A Typewriter

Two Men and A Typewriter is a creative company comprised of authors Paul Barrett and Steve Murphy. Lifelong friends, Paul and Steve have been writing together in one form or another since high school, starting with short stories and Dungeons and Dragons adventures and moving on to novels, screenplays, and commercials. Between them, they have over 40 years experience writing in various disciplines.

Paul Barrett

Paul has always worked in one creative endeavor or another, starting with live theater as an actor when he was 11. He has written creatively since sixth grade, worked on the school newspaper in high school, and was the key copywriter for industrials and commercials at Indievision, the marketing company he co-owned for a decade. His scripts have won both Telly and Communicator Awards. He has written copy for a variety of items, including sales brochures, newsletters, and annual reports. His writing style is crisp and clean, with an element of humor that helps make even the driest subjects entertaining.

Steve Murphy

Steve also got his start writing on the school paper in high school and found he had a gift for the written word. In college he was told he had a unique writing style that would transfer well to creative works. Like a lot of young men, he ignored the good advice of others and joined the military. There, he put his writing skills to work in the form of writing policy and procedure manuals. After the military, he joined with Paul, where they began their creative endeavors that have continued through this day. His writing style is precise and technical with an eye toward detail which includes a flair for off beat humor that compliments Paul’s style.

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